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Product Features

High integration
ZXMP M721 sub-rack is a highly integrated compact iOTN product. Most of the boards occupy only one single slot. Sub-rack heights are 1RU( DX61), 2RU( DX62), 3RU( DX63) and 6U( CX66, CX66A), which can effectively save room space and power consumption, thus significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs and adapting to the requirement for green network decreasing.

Powerful transmission performance
80 × 10G/100G/200G DWDM application, 18 × 2.5 G or 10 × 2.5 G +8 × 10G CWDM application and systems smooth upgrade.
DWDM system supports multi-span transmission without electrical relay (18 × 22dB, 7 × 30dB, 1 × 45dB etc.). 2.5 G CWDM can support 28dB transmission, and 10G CWDM can reach 80KM.

Diversity access service type
ZXMP M721 can access any-rate-service (2Mbit/s– 100Gbit/s), and supports intelligent cognition, the port supports automatic identification of type of services.
SDH service, E1,STM-1/ 4/16/64/ 256, OC-3/ 12/48/192, POS.
Ethernet service, FE, GE, 10GE,40 GE,100 GE.
Storage and video streaming service, 1G/2G/4G/ 8G/10G FC, ESCON, FICON, DVB-ASI, SD-SDI/HD-SDI/SDI -3 G, InfiniBand 2.5 G, InfiniBand 5G, InfiniBand 10G.
OTN, OTU1, OTU2, OTU2e, OTU1f, OTU3, OTU4.
Other services, CPRI option2, CPRI option3, CPRI option4, CPRI option5, CPRI option6, CPRI option7, CPRI option8.

Universal switching platform
ZXMP M721 adapts the packet OTN architecture. The brand-new All in One design can support OTN/Packet/TDM universal switching. It can implement access, switching, and transmission of various services in a unified way. It greatly relieves IP bandwidth pressure and performs intelligent grooming of IP traffic. The total switching capacity of switching sub-rack( CX66) is 840Gbit/s at most, and CX66A is 1Tbit/s.

L2 Function
ZXMP M721 supports L2 function,8 × FE/GE, or 4 × FE/GE +4 × 10GE → 10GE.
APO Function
ZXMP M721 supports APO function based on the OCH layer and the OMS section.

Flexible service grooming
M721 supports DSS (Distributed Service Switch platform) based on ODU0/ODU1/ODUflex.
Services aggregation: 4-10 × Any-rate-service → OTU1, 4-22 × Any-rate-service → OTU2.
10G-any → OTU2, support single channel, double channels, integrated protection OTU cards.

ZXMP M721 supports out-band/ in-band 1588V2 transmission and synchronous Ethernet transmission.

Reliable protection scheme
ZXMP M721 supports control card/power card 1 +1 backup and OMS/OCH 1 +1, VC-12 1 +1 and ODUk 1 +1 protection. All the protection switching time of OMS 1 +1/ OCH 1 +1, VC-12 1 +1 and ODUk 1 +1 are less than 50ms in compliance with ITU-T standards.

Optional OSC/ESC
ZXMP M721 supports OSC (Optical Supervisory Channel) and ESC (Electrical Supervisory Channel) providing flexibility for deployment.

Out-door application
ZXMP M721 OD61 is an out-door equipment for Fronthaul networking.
60Gbit/s bandwidth, 12 channels of CPRI signals accessing
Star, chain, and ring networking, single fiber bidirectional transmission and dual fiber bidirectional transmission
IP65 standard, Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 55 ℃, Lightning level( C).
Agile installation, poled-mounted, and wall-mounted.