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ZXONE 5800
ZXONE 5800 is a multi-service core optical crossover equipment, which can effectively meet the requirements of carding and scheduling of large-capacity and large-particle services.

Support standard
ZXONE 5800 supports the SDH system and follows the mapping structure of ITU-T G.707.

Business function
The ZXONE 5800 single rack provides 40 business slots. The device supports STM-1, STM-4, STM-16,
STM-64, GE, and 10GE optical interfaces support GE transparent transmission service, GE aggregation service, and 10GE aggregation service.

Intelligent characteristic
ZXONE 5800 supports ASON function and provides a set of an intelligent software system that runs independently. The software system is.
Unitrans ZXUCP A100 intelligent optical network platform, which can realize the dynamic switching and allocation of bandwidth and complete the intelligence of business.
Can find routing and configuration and other functions, effectively improve the utilization of network bandwidth.

Crossover capacity and crossover granularity
The maximum access capacity of ZXONE 5800 is 1.28T, and the space division crossover granularity is VC4.
ZXONE 5800 also supports low-order crossover capabilities of 160G, with crossover granularity of TU3 and TU12.

Network management support software
ZXONE 5800 is managed by the network element management system NetNumen T31. The network management system is based on distributed,
Multi-process, modular design, with configuration management, fault management, performance management, maintenance management, end-to-end power.
Road management, safety management, system management, and report management functions.

System description of ZXONE 5800 Multi-Service Core Optical Cross equipment
ZXONE 5800 has perfect equipment and network protection functions, high system reliability, and stability. Equipment.
Protection functions include 1: 1 hot backup of important veneers, 2:4 protection of high-order crossboards, 1:4 protection of low-order crossboards, etc.
Network protection functions include 1x 1 or 1: n linear multiplexing segment protection, two-fiber bi-directional multiplexing segment sharing ring (supporting additional services), four-fiber bidirectional multiplexing segment sharing ring (supporting additional services), subnet connection protection (SNCP), SDH logic subnet protection and Mesh networking, rerouting protection.

Applicable scope
Large crossover capacity, multi-crossover granularity, and perfect protection mechanism make ZXONE 5800 widely used.
In the future long-distance network backbone layer and metropolitan area network core layer.

Equipment structure
Currently, ZXONE 5800 provides cabinets that meet the ETS standard, with cabinet heights of 2000 mm, 2200 mm, and 2600 mm, subracks installed in the cabinet as core components of the equipment. The subframe is a three-layer structure, and a subrack can be installed in a single cabinet.

ZXONE 5800 system application
As a large-capacity scheduling hub, ZXONE 5800 is mainly used in the metro core layer and long-distance backbone layer, which can meet the up and down and scheduling of large-capacity and large-particle services.
ZXONE 5800 can integrate the whole transmission network into one system, which greatly improves the utilization of network resources. If equipped with the ASON function, it can also provide different levels of protection or recovery for network transmission of different types of services.