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System overview
ZXMP S390 is the STM-64 level multi-function Broadband Node Equipment newly introduced by ZTE, which can provide high-speed, large capacity information transmission, and is adaptive to the requirement of backbone networks, local networks, and Metropolitan Area Networks now and in the future.
Based on a modular design, ZXMP S390 can fulfill the functions of different systems such as TM, ADM,MADM and REG without changing hardware system. The TM and REG systems can be smoothly upgraded to ADM.
The protection capabilities of the hardware and network-level greatly enhance the reliability and stability of the system.

Overhead-Byte Usage List

Overhead type Overhead name S390 application


A1, A2 Frame position indication for regeneration section, A1:11110110,A2:00101000
J0 Used for regeneration section trace. It may be set.
Z0 Not applied
D1~D12 Transport the management information with D1~D3
E1, E2  The orderwire connection path for voice communication;

E1 for regeneration section access, E2 for MS terminal

F1 Used for special maintenance purpose supplying temporary data/audio path connection, and providing 64K

co-directional data interface

B1 Used for the error code monitor of the regeneration section
B2 Used for the error code monitor of MS
K1, K2 Used for the auto-protection switchover (APS) command of MS
S1 b5~b8 used for synchronous status message
M1 Used for MS far-end difference indication
AU pointer AU PTR The rate adjustment on AU level








J1 Used for high-order path trace, able to be set
B3 Used for path error code monitoring
C2 Used for expressing the composition or maintenance

status of VC-3/VC-4/VC-4X, able to read and write

G1 Used for returning the status and performance of path terminal to the path origin of VC3/VC4/VC4XC
F2, F3 Not applying
H4 Affording the general position indication to payload, as well as the special payload Position (i.e. H4 may be the multi-frame position indication of VC12 and VC2); and

performing VC3/VC4 virtual concatenation

K3 Not applied
N1 Not applied
V5 Providing the functions of error code test, signal mark and channel status for VC1/VC2
J2 VC1, VC2 path trace byte, able to be set
N2 Not supported
K4 Used for the virtual concatenation process of low-order path

ECC uses the D1~D3 (DCCr) or D4~D12 (DCCm). S390 could support 48 DCC directions. DCCr are supported by any optical interface. DCCr + DCCm are supported by 2.5G and 10G optical interface.