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ZXMP S385 optical terminal is an STM-16/STM- 64 multi-service transmission equipment developed by ZTE manufacturers, which fully takes into account the diversity of network services and the change of network structure. ZTE ZXMP S385 transmission equipment integrates the functions of ADM, DXC, Ethernet switch, and ATM switch, providing high-capacity and long-distance service transmission. It can be applied to the establishment and expansion of all kinds of transmission lines and the scheduling of large-capacity metropolitan area services to meet the bandwidth needs of different fields and different levels. it is a piece of ideal equipment for the construction of a broadband transmission network.

ZXMP S385 has high-order and low-order scheduling capability with large capacity, high-order crossover capability of up to 240G, and low-order crossover capability of 40G. As a 10G system, the device can support up to 9pcs of 10G two-fiber rings or 4pcs of 10G four-fiber rings; as a 2.5G system, the device can support up to 36pcs of 2.5G two-fiber rings or 18pcs of 2.5G four-fiber rings. The equipment is rich in service slots, supporting up to 14pcs of service slots, and can provide up to 176 ECC processing capacity, which can fully meet the requirements of complex networking. The equipment supports high-density 10G, 2.5G, 155m, and GE boards, reaching the first-class level in the industry.

Product characteristics:
Superior scalability: as a 2.5G system, ZXMP S385 can be smoothly upgraded to a 10G system, while providing stronger 2M/155M access and data service access. It can be used flexibly with other SDH devices of ZTE Corporation: ZXMP S320, ZXMP S390, ZXMP S380. Support veneer plug-in, optical module pluggable (SFP module, LC connector), support ALS function, support optical port on-line optical power detection, facilitate rapid positioning of line problems, high equipment integration, reduce footprint costs, low power consumption, reduce power costs. ZXMP S385 equipment provides all kinds of data interfaces on the basis of traditional SDH equipment, such as EOS, RPR, ATM, SAN/DVB, and so on. Support double bus, veneer 1mm 1 hot backup, branch board 1RV N protection, network EPS protection, power protection, etc.; fully support all protection methods recommended by ITU-T, and provide a unique concept of network protection-logical subnet protection.

Flexible network scheduling function to improve network profitability and reduce CAPEX:
Flexible multi-service access function, provide highly integrated service interface board and access a large number of PDH, SDH and data services at the same time to meet the needs of large-capacity service access.

Superior scalability, investment protection, lower OPEX:
Can continuously smooth evolution and expansion, users can only add or replace the board to achieve the effect of a new backbone layer, greatly reduce the cost of secondary construction; support expansion bracket, provide support for a large number of 2M/155M services, expand the traditional dispatching layer equipment into integrated equipment with business landing capability.

Industry-leading RPR features to support IP-based evolution of the network and protect investment:
Support double rings to work at the same time, support unicast, multicast, and broadcast services, achieve statistical multiplexing of bandwidth, improve bandwidth utilization, have fast service delivery capability, and high QOS guarantee. Support to break through the restriction of RPR single ring, make networking more flexible, avoid business transfer on the ground, and reduce the point of failure.

Flexible design and convenient network planning and optimization:
Support veneer mixing, business configuration, maintenance, network planning, and optimization is very convenient.

A wide range of market applications, technology maturity, and high reliability:
With its mature technology and superior performance, ZXMP S385 has been widely used in the networks of major operators and private network customers at home and abroad. The powerful embedded wavelength division function saves optical fiber resources and realizes the add-drop multiplexing of wave-level optical signals.

Product parameters:
Specification: ZXMP S385.
Crossover capacity: high-order 360G hand 240G hand 120G; low-order 40G.
Slots: 14.
Interface: E1/ T1/ E3/ T3, STM-1/ 4/ 16/ 64, STM-64 FEC, 10GE/ GE/ FE, SAN
Features: protection cross-clock unit, network element control board, power board, and clock interface board 1×1 protection; ASON protection; logical subnet protection; electrical interface TPS protection; RPR protection; DNI protection; SNCP protection; advanced design: slot plugboard has no dual restrictions, more flexible; industry original service cross-ring technology, support for multicast, multi-purpose design of one board.
Size: 888.2mm (height) × 482.6mm (width) × 270mm (depth).
Power supply: -48V/ 60V DC.
Maximum power consumption: 720W.
Working environment: ambient temperature: 0 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃, relative humidity: 5% ~ 95%