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Technical Specification
Maximum rate STM-16
Cross capacity High-order cross: 20G  Low-order cross: 5G
Service interface STM-16, STM-4, STM-1, E3, T3, E1, T1, FE, GE, 155M ATM, POS, etc.
Service slot 10
Equipment dimension Subrack: 222.45mm (H) × 482.6mm (W) × 270mm (D)
Cabinet: 2000mm(H) ×600mm (W) ×300mm (D)
2200mm (H)×600mm (W) ×300mm (D)
2600mm (H)×600mm (W) ×300mm (D)
It complies with 19” cabinet standard.
Equipment level protection 1+1 hot backup for cross and clock boards, dual-power supply system, distributed board power supply.
Network-level protection MSP1+1 chain protection, SNCP, 2F-MSPRing protection, Ethernet shared protection ring, ATM 1+1 protection, RPR ring protection, etc.
Maximum power consumption < 250W
Installation ETSI standard cabinet installation, 19” cabinet installation, wall-mounted installation, desktop installation, and outdoor cabinet installation.
Power supply Nominal voltage: -48VDC; range:-57VDC ~ -40VDC
Environment parameter Working temperature: -5°C~+45°C  Relative humidity: 5%~95%
Overhead type Overhead name S325 application
RSOH/MSOH A1, A2 Frame position indication for regeneration section, A1:11110110,A2:00101000
J0 Used for regeneration section trace. It may be set.
Z0 Not applied
D1~D12 Transport the management information with D1~D3
E1, E2 The border wire connection path for voice communication; E1 for regeneration section access, E2 for MS terminal access
F1 Used for special maintenance purpose supplying temporary data/audio path connection; and providing 64K co-directional data interface
B1 Used for the error code monitor of the regeneration section
K1, K2 Used for  the auto-protection switchover  (APS) command of MS
S1 b5~b8 used for the synchronous status message
M1 Used for MS far-end difference indication
AU pointer AU PTR The rate adjustment on AU level
POH J1 Used for high-order path trace, able to be set
B3 Used for high-order path trace, able to be set
C2 Used for expressing the composition or maintenance status of VC-3/VC-4/VC-4X, able to read and write
G1 Used for returning the status and performance of path terminal to the path origin of VC3/VC4/VC4XC
F2, F3 Used for returning the status and performance of path terminal to the path origin of VC3/VC4/VC4XC
H4 Affording the general position indication to the payload, as well as the special payload Position   (i.e. H4 may be the multi-frame position indication of VC12 and VC2); and performing VC3/VC4 virtual   concatenation
K3 Not applied
N1 Not applied
V5 Providing the functions of error code test, signal mark, and channel status for VC1/VC2
J2 VC1, VC2 path trace byte, able to be set
N2 Not supported
K4 Used for the virtual concatenation process of low-order path