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ZXMP M720 Compact wavelength Division Multiplexing equipment
In order to adapt to the continuous growth of 3G, IPTV, broadband access, and other high bandwidth-consuming services, as well as the development trend of network flattening, operators began to build a new generation of transmission network for ALL IP. Large-capacity, the flexible, secure, intelligent, and green network has become the development demand of the next generation metropolitan transport network. In order to meet the network development trend and customer needs, ZTE launched a new generation of OTN/WASON-based metro optical network products ZXMP M720. ZXMP M720 is located in the metro access aggregation layer, and can also be applied to the core layer and provincial trunk level.
ZXMP M720 has the ability of multi-service convergence, crossover and transmission, and supports multi-level three-dimensional dynamic traffic grooming ZXMP M720 (ROADM, ODUk crossover, L2 switching), which can provide operators with efficient, flexible, and intelligent data transmission solutions.

Key features of the product
Rich service access and aggregation capabilities.
It can access optical signals in many formats, including STM-N, POS, ATM, GE, 10 GE, FC, ESCON, FICON, DVB and so on.

Intelligent three-dimensional service scheduling and dredging ability
An intelligent multi-level service grooming system is constructed by supporting WASON, with ROADM, OTN electric crossover technology, and L2 switching technology.
ROADM provides optical cross-connection, which is suitable for cross-ring interconnection and Mesh networking and provides flexible optical layer scheduling. Support 2-10 dimensional flexible wave level scheduling capability.
The distributed power cross-platform based on OTN can provide cross scheduling based on ODU0, realize the flexible scheduling of GE, provide the aggregation and grooming of network traffic in the complex topology environment of the metropolitan area, make full use of the wavelength channel, and obtain higher wavelength utilization.
The L2 switching platform supports bandwidth convergence from 24 GE and 1 10GE to 1 10GE and supports L2 switching functions such as VLAN, QinQ, etc., thus effectively improving the carrying efficiency of data services.

High integration, energy-saving, and consumption reduction, green environmental protection
The ZXMP M720 single rack is 6U high, which can be installed with 6 sub-racks. The single rack has 14 business veneer slots, which can effectively save computer room area and power consumption, and significantly reduce operation and maintenance costs.

DWDM configuration:
The OTM node composed of a single subframe (6U high) can achieve 8 × 10Gbit/s or 16 × 2.5Gbit/s transmission.
The OTM node composed of four subframes can achieve 40 × 10G transmissions.

CWDM configuration:
The OTM node composed of a single subframe (6U high) can realize the transmission of 9-wave 2.5Gbit/s.
The OTM node composed of two subframes can realize the transmission of all 18 wavelengths 2.5Gbit/s of CWDM.

Large transmission capacity and modular upgrade capability
Can be configured to comply with 40 DWDM wavelengths and 18 CWDM wavelengths in accordance with the ITU-T specification, and support modular upgrades in 4-wave units.
Large transmission capacity can fully meet the bandwidth needs of the metro network, while the modular upgrade mode ensures low investment in the initial stage and smooth capacity expansion in the later stage, so as to alleviate the financial pressure of network construction.

Perfect protection function
Support the 1×1 protection of keyboard cards such as the main control board and power board, and support the most comprehensive optical layer protection technology and electric layer protection technology in the industry.
It owns the ring network protection technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, which is independently developed by ZTE Corporation, which not only provides 50ms carrier-level protection but also saves wavelength channel resources.

Intelligent optical network WSON
The WASON control plane based on GMPLS protocol is supported, which can realize the functions of automatic discovery of network resources and topology, automatic routing and signaling exchange, and automatic establishment of service path, fast end-to-end service configuration, service grooming, flow control and other functions, so as to enhance network survivability and improve the utilization of network resources.