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Huawei PTN 950

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PTN950 is a multi-service access cartridge device located at the edge of the transport network, with all-media access, all-media synchronization, all-media management and other functions. It can work with other PTN products to build an end-to-end packet transmission network, reduce network TCO and improve the efficiency of service deployment and network operation and maintenance.

Product characteristics
Adopt 100% packet architecture to build unified access and bearer platform for multi-services in the full IP era, which has the advantage of high bandwidth and low delay, and structurally reduces the network TCO.
Support E1 (TDM/IMA/ ML-PPP), FE/GE (optical/electrical), channelized STM-1 interface, xDSL interface; optical fiber, copper cable/cable, and other rich media access methods, so that the rapid deployment of the network is no longer restricted by resources.
IEEE 1588V2, synchronous Ethernet, and NTR clock are provided, which perfectly solves the clock synchronization problem of the mobile packet bearer network and saves additional synchronization network investment.
Based on the network management U2000 system, perfect OAM and fault detection mechanism, visual graphic management, end-to-end one-button distribution of base station services, fast fault location in 30 seconds are realized, and the manageability and maintainability of the packet bearer network are enhanced.
Through DCN self-access, it realizes no on-site soft adjustment, software upgrade supports diffuse loading and parallel activation and cooperates with a number of maintenance-free designs such as no dustproof net and automatic recovery configuration of fault replacement board, which greatly reduces the cost of product operation and maintenance.