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Huawei PTN 900

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Huawei OptiX PTN 900
PTN 900series products are a new generation of multi-service access equipment for packet transmission, located on the access side of the bearer network, small size, flexible installation, simple operation and maintenance, support rich service characteristics, and interface types, and support the whole network full-service convergence bearer.

The new generation of mobile access equipment, placed on the side of the wireless base station, can power the small base station through POE and support FE, GE, and other service interfaces.

Industry compact customer dedicated line access equipment, easy to maintain, and easy to install, to achieve wide end coverage and fast delivery, easy to use, support FE, GE, and other business interfaces.

PTN 910Murf:
1U fixed box access equipment, support GE, FE, E1, and other rich service interfaces, support AC / DC power supply, easy installation, single equipment to achieve unified access to 2G/3G/LTE, and major customer lines.

PTN 910:
1U flexible card access equipment, supporting E1, FE, GE, xDSL, STM-1, and other rich service interfaces.

PTN 950:
2U flexible card access equipment, supporting E1, FE, GE, STM-1, and other rich interfaces, main control, power supply 1×1 redundancy, is a highly reliable service access equipment.

PTN 960:
Industry’s most compact 2U high 10GE access equipment, shared with base stations, maximum 56G switching capacity, maximum support for 6*10GE access, support for E1, STM-1, FE, GE, 10GE, and other rich service interfaces, support flexible card insertion, flexible access to various types of services, main control, power supply 1×1 redundancy protection, providing high reliability.

Product characteristics
Any Media access:
Supports E1, STM-1, xDSL, FE, GE, and other service interfaces, and can access TDM, ATM, ETH, IP, and other services.
Support E-line, E-LAN, L3VPN, CES, and ATM services, and realize the access and bearer of 2G/3G/LTE and key customer dedicated line services.

Simple operation and maintenance:
Support DCN automatic online function, plug, and play.
Support remote testing and fast service opening.
End-to-end detection and performance monitoring support services.

Efficient bearer
The maximum access capacity can be up to 56G, and it supports a 10GE interface, which can meet the access and forwarding of LTE and dedicated line services of key customers.
Support rich clock synchronization such as Ethernet, IEEE 1588 V2, etc., and provide end-to-end clock synchronization solution.
Support HQos, to provide different levels of quality of service