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Huawei PTN 7900

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PTN 7900 is a new generation of high-capacity, large-bandwidth, business intelligence, and software-defined packet transport core equipment. The industry’s first SDN-based PTN product supports 40GE/100GE large ports, business intelligence, traffic visibility, quality evaluation, and predictable capacity. The new SDN architecture effectively supports LTE’s long-term evolution and multi-service bearer.

Product characteristics
Strong equipment capacity to support the long-term evolution of the bearer network:
Large forwarding capacity to flexibly channel core traffic.
Support 40GE/100GE big port, provide an unimpeded large pipeline for carrying business.
Strong L3VPN capability to support mass base station bearer.
The industry’s first SDN-based PTN simplifies operation and maintenance, and the future development direction of PTN:
Standardized App interface, user programming, and customization on-demand making it more convenient to open new services.
Separation of control and forwarding, decoupling of business characteristics and hardware, simplification of operation and maintenance, acceleration of business innovation.
Unified control and management of decentralized devices, better and faster deployment, and management of the network.

Green energy saving
The advanced flexible distribution system, flexibly configure power input according to the number of veneers and required power consumption, and do not waste on-demand configuration.
Using the most sophisticated chips in the industry with better performance and lower energy consumption.
Intelligent heat dissipation technology and π-type air duct design to improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the equipment.
Dynamic fine energy-saving control, effective and full use of energy.