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Huawei OptiX OSN7500

OptiX OSN 7500

Huawei OSN 7500 intelligent optical transmission system, while inheriting all the characteristics of MSTP technology, integrates SDH/PDH, Ethernet, WDM, ATM, ESCON/FC/FICON, DVB-ASI, RPR and other technologies into a new generation of integrated 10G/2.5G multi-service intelligent optical transmission platform at the convergence and core layer.

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OptiX OSN7500 supports the smooth evolution of products to intelligent optical networks. Mainly used in the convergence layer and access layer of the industry market, and shared with OSN9560/OSN3500/2500/1500 boards in convergence and core layer; OSN7500 supports intelligent features and can complete end-to-end service automatic configuration, SLA service, traffic engineering, time slot fragment optimization, Mesh clock tracking, etc., effectively improving network utilization.

OSN 7500 supports 1588V2 high-precision clock transmission, which can provide accurate time synchronization for power, finance, etc., only through the transmission network.

The platform of high performance-to-price ratio.

OSN9560/7500/3500/2500/1500 business board and software are fully compatible to form a unified platform. This can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance and spare parts.

Large capacity scheduling.

With high-order 360G, low-order 20G/40G/80G cross-scheduling capability.

It has 160g packet switching capability.

Multi-service provision.

Service interface.

Support for STM-1 (Omax E).

Support STM-4/16/64 standards or cascading services.

Support for E1/T1/E3/T3/E4.

Support transparent transmission and exchange of FE and GE services.

Support ATM service.

Support IMA service.

Support SAN service and video service.

Provide fast end-to-end service based on GMPLS.

Strong networking ability.

Support plug and play for Mesh network nodes.

Support online upgrade and expansion of Mesh network at any rate.

Support for networking in up to 40 optical directions in Mesh networks.

Support chains, rings, intersecting rings, tangent rings, and other SDH networking topologies.

Support for RPR and VP-RING ring networks.

The single-frame can realize 2 × STM- 64 four fiber ring or 4 × STM- 64 two fiber ring or 11 × STM- 16 four fiber ring or 12 × STM- 16 two fiber ring.

A perfect network survival mechanism.

Mesh recovery.

Support for distributed recoverable rerouting protection.

Provide 5 types of more detailed business protection solutions, according to different SLA to provide: Diamond, gold, silver, bronze, iron services.

SDH protection.

Support 2F/4F MSP, SNCP, DNI, shared ray virtual path protection, etc.

Data service protection.

Support Ethernet service RPR ring protection, STP spanning tree protection.

Support ATM service VP-RING ring protection.

Complete equipment protection mechanism.

Intelligent control unit protection: 1: 1 hot backup.

Support for key units such as crossover, clock 1 / 1 hot backup protection.

Power protection.

TPS protection.

Support for packet switching and transmission.

Provide packet planes to support packet switching and transmission.

A variety of clock transmission technologies that support TDM and packets.

High precision clock transmission.

Provides high-precision time synchronization technology that meets the IEEE 1588 protocol to meet the needs of accurate time synchronization between devices. Through the transmission network, high-precision clocks are provided for devices such as 3G wireless base stations that need to use accurate time.