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Huawei OptiX OSN3500

Huawei OptiX OSN 3500

Huawei OptiX OSN3500 intelligent optical transmission equipment is a new generation of intelligent optical transmission equipment developed by Huawei. Using a unified switching architecture, it can be used as packet devices and TDM devices based on MPLS/MPLS-TP technology. With other Huawei devices, OptiX OSN3500 supports different networking applications: pure packet mode application, hybrid networking application (overlay networking of packet mode and TDM mode), and pure TDM mode application to realize the best processing of data service and traditional SDH service. OptiX OSN3500 realizes the efficient transmission of voice and data services on the same platform.

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Unified switching Architectur.

OptiX OSN3500 equipment adopts a unified switching architecture to meet the needs of existing users for traditional services while solving the growing packet service carrying requirements.

Support 3G/LTE mobile load.

OptiX OSN3500 under the demand of 3G/LTE mobile bearer, Huawei equipment can provide a perfect transmission solution based on the packet domain to realize the service aggregation and scheduling of the whole wireless network in the core layer.

TP assistant, maintenance worry-free.

Based on MPLS/MPLS-TP technology architecture, OptiX OSN3500 provides worry-free solutions for packet bearer network applications, provides packet bearer network planning tools, realizes media-independent end-to-end visual service configuration and instrument-free opening functions, supports automatic fault location and enriches packet service performance monitoring.

Built-in wavelength division technology, flexible networking.

OptiX OSN3500 equipment supports built-in WDM technology, realizes the transmission of multiple wavelengths in a single optical fiber, and can realize a flexible networking scheme for docking with wavelength division equipment.

Huawei Optix 0SN3500 optical terminal product description:

OptiX OSN3500 intelligent optical transmission system inherits all the characteristics of MSTP technology, is compatible with traditional SDH and MSTP networks, and integrates SDH, PDH, Ethernet, WDM, ATM, ESCON, FC/FICON, DVB-ASI (Digital Video Broadcas t-AsynchronousSerial Interface), RPR and other technologies into a new generation of 10G/2.5G multi-service optical transmission platform (MSTP), Optix 0SN3500 is mainly used in the metropolitan area network and convergence layer. Optix0SN3500 provides a perfect solution for the transition from existing SDH equipment to intelligent optical network equipment.

Optix 0SN3500. Product performance description:

OptiX 0SN 7500Accord3500 / 2500lap1500 business board and software are fully compatible, forming a unified platform. This can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance and spare parts. The 0ptix 0SN3500 intelligent platform is efficiently combined in terms of business capabilities, giving operators the most cost-effective solution; at the same time, Optix 0SN3500 can be mixed with Huawei’s existing equipment to form a network, and Optix 0SN3500 can be integrated into Huawei optical network management solution for unified management.

Optix 0SN3500 flexible device configuration STM-64/16 compatible devices; support network equipment from 2.5G to 10G online upgrade.

Optix 0SN3500 high-capacity scheduling has high-order 512X512 VC-4, low-order 8064X 8064 VC-12 or equivalent VC-3 crossover capability.

Optix 0SN3500 multi-service provides a service interface.