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Huawei OptiX OSN 8800

OptiX OSN 8800

Huawei OptiX OSN 8800 is mainly used in national trunk lines, regional/ provincial trunk lines, and some metro core sites. It is characterized by large capacity OTN scheduling capacity and long-distance wavelength division characteristics, and integrates ROADM, T-bit power crossover, 100M-100G full-grain scheduling, optoelectronic intelligence, 40G/100G, rich management, and protection, etc., and can build end-to-end OTN/WDM backbone transmission solutions for operators. Realize large-capacity scheduling and ultra-wideband intelligent transmission.

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Huawei OptiX OSN 8800 T64Universe 8800 T32 Universe 8800 T16ax 1800 can form a complete OTN end-to-end network, can also co-build a wavelength division network with OptiX BWS 1600G, and can also be mixed with NG-SDH/PTN or digital communication equipment to achieve a complete transmission solution.

Product characteristics:

It has the highest degree of integration in the industry, with single rack access to 320,640mm 10G, single cabinet, and two frames; massive IP service access, centralized scheduling, and management eliminating the assembly and networking of multiple subracks in the past; saving 80% of the floor space, reducing 55% power consumption per unit bandwidth, eliminating ODF optical fiber transfer, and high reliability.

3.2T/6.4T-bit non-blocking power crossover capacity, support complex networking, massive business centralized scheduling; support 2-4-9 dimensional ROADM optical crossover; optoelectronic hybrid crossover, flexible wavelength/ wavelet directorate service cross scheduling, rapid service deployment, reduce CAPEX. At the same time, the construction of the industry’s first concise architecture of Colorless & Directionless ROADM simplifies the node configuration of the optical layer ASON.

Mature commercial 80g 40G system can smoothly support 100G, unlimited bandwidth transmission; the industry’s only OCH&ODUk optoelectronic double-layer intelligence, optoelectronic linkage new mode, with higher reliability; industry-leading PID technology, a single chip to support 200g (20g 10G), batch capacity expansion, business deployment “zero waits”.

MS-OTN feature, centralized crossover board uniformly supports OTN/SDH/PKT crossover; a flexible combination of OTN, SDH, and PKT services to improve card utilization efficiency.

Provide 2m, 1588 V2, and synchronous Ethernet clock transmission, fully meet the clock accuracy requirements of TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, and LTE.

Support OSNR/CD/PMD/ optical power monitoring of any channel of 10G/40G/100G, realize real-time on-line monitoring of optical parameters and improve the efficiency of network operation and maintenance.

Through ASIC and optoelectronic integration technology, the power consumption of a single port is reduced, and the large capacity crossover of T-bit can greatly reduce the transfer of the ODF subframe, save the computer room area and reduce the matching energy consumption.