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Huawei OptiX OSN 6800

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OSN 6800 has convergence, transmission, and crossover capabilities, supports two-layer dynamic traffic grooming structure (optical cross-connection and ODU cross-connection), integrates GMPLS intelligent control plane, and has the advantages of large-capacity and long-distance transmission of WDM. The platform adopts advanced technologies such as ROADM, dimmer module, ASON/GMPLS, 40G, 100G, and so on, and its architecture is extremely flexible.

Product characteristics
Transparent access:
The platform adopts ITU-T standard digital envelope protocol, which can transparently access various protocols such as IP/Ethernet, ATM, SDH, ESCON, and services at various rates such as 16Mbps, 5Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps, etc.

Multi-service transmission:
Using multi-protocol wavelength technology, the system can transmit different types of services (voice, data, storage, and video), which is more in line with the development trend of evolution from TDM to Ethernet/data services.

Flexible scheduling:
It can provide dynamic optical cross-connection (multi-dimensional ROADM), flexible electric layer scheduling (Any ADM), and layer 2 data processing and other traffic scheduling mechanisms.

Easy to manage:
It has operational, manageable, maintainable, and configurable (OAM&P) capabilities, as well as bandwidth management, aggregation, end-to-end detection, and other business management capabilities.

Intelligent Optical Network:
The traditional WDM is statically configured by the maintenance personnel through the network management system. When the user proposes to establish or cancel a service, the maintenance personnel can only manually connect and dismantle it on the site, and the efficiency is very low. The automatic switched optical network (ASON) can automatically establish and dismantle the switching connection according to the requirements, and realize the rapid deployment of services.

It provides 2m, 1588 V2, and synchronous Ethernet clock transmission, which fully meets the clock precision requirements of WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, and LTE/LTE-A.