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Huawei OptiX OSN 2500

OptiX OSN2500 optical terminal is a new generation of intelligent optical transmission equipment developed by Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., which realizes the efficient transmission of voice and data services on the same platform. Huawei OSN2500 transmission equipment supports pure TDM applications, hybrid networking applications, and pure packet applications to achieve the best processing of data services and traditional SDH services, and can be widely used in electric power, transportation, radio, and television, government, and other industries.

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OptiX OSN2500 optical transmission equipment is a new generation of multi-service transport solutions based on the evolution of the MSTP system. Hybrid MSTP system adopts unified switching architecture, which not only has the transmission capability of traditional MSTP, but also has the ability of full packet transmission based on MPLS/MPLS-TP technology. it is fully compatible with the existing MSTP network, supports efficient packet transmission network operation and maintenance, and can meet the requirements of packet transformation of bearer network with the best performance and cost.

Product characteristics:
OptiX OSN2500 is used in the access layer and convergence layer of the metro transmission network. It can be mixed with OptiX OSN9500, OptiX OSN7500, OptiX OSN3500, OptiX OSN3500II, OptiX OSN2500 REG, OptiX OSN1500, OptiX 2500 + (Metro3000) and OptiX 155Universe 622H (Metro1000) to realize service access of different capacity. OSN2500 supports STM-1/STM-4/STM-16/-level network topologies such as chain, ring, ring tangent, ring intersection, ring chain, double-ring interworking, pivot, and Mesh network. It can also be docked with Huawei OSN series devices, DWDM series devices, and Metro series devices to build a complete transport network solution.

Rail transit: unified bearing, flexible adaptation of multiple scenes:
With the development of the rail transit industry, higher requirements are put forward for the transport network. The end-to-end MSTP solution can meet the sustainable development of the rail transit industry, and the high security and high-reliability requirements of the end-to-end business.
OSN2500 equipment mainly transmits business telephone, dispatching telephone, conference video, environmental monitoring, emergency command, wireless train dispatching, TIMS, PMIS, and other services in the railway industry, and carries them uniformly. The access network is usually OptiX OSN1500 or OptiX / 550equipment; the convergence network and road backbone network are usually OptiX OSN3500/7500/7500 II equipment; the national backbone network is usually WDM equipment.
The metro/ tram mainly uses ring topology to form a network, and the full-grain service access from MSTP equipment PCM and E1 to 10GE is transmitted between stations and control centers. Subway/ tram is usually OptiX OSN580/7500 II equipment.
OSN2500 optical terminal solution takes Smart 40G/10G, soft and hard pipes, MPLS-TP, built-in PCM as the technical core, combined with the characteristics of urban rail transit business, can not only ensure the safe and reliable transmission of business, but also meet the growing bandwidth demand, but also simplify network architecture and simple operation and maintenance.

Service type:
The types of services that OptiX OSN2500 can handle include SDH, PDH, Ethernet, RPR, ATM, DDN, and SAN/Video services.

Large capacity scheduling:
The OSN2500 optical terminal supports 20G high-and low-order full crossover: high-order 128x128VC-4, low-order 8064 × 8064 VC-12 or equivalent VC-3 crossover capability.

Data service protection:
OSN2500 transmission equipment supports Ethernet service RPR ring protection, STP spanning tree protection.
OSN2500 optical transmission supports ATM service VP-RING ring protection.

Highly integrated:
Integration of the sub-frame: the size of the sub-frame is 460mm (high) × 440mm (wide) × 295mm (deep). The single sub-frame has 9 business positions and 8 interface positions.

Common configuration:
OSN2500 equipment must be equipped with enhanced subframe SSQESUBRACK, system auxiliary processing board SSQ2SAP, and STM-1/STM-4/STM-16 main control cross optical interface integrated board system board. According to the business needs, the veneer can be equipped with SDH optical interface board SLQ1, PDH branch board, Ethernet transmission board, EFT4, etc., and other auxiliary veneers.

Physical properties:
The OSN2500 can be installed in a 19-inch cabinet. It can usually meet the needs of most users, and the specific model and size need to be adjusted according to the requirements of the actual computer room environment. Power access-48V DC, AC 220V access through external UPM.
Installation method: ETSI 300mm deep cabinet, ETSI 600mm deep cabinet.
The size of the OSN2500 subframe is 460mm (height) × 440mm (width) × 295mm (depth), the weight is 24kg, and the typical power consumption is 206W.