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Huawei OptiX OSN 1800

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OptiX OSN 1800
OptiX OSN 1800 integrates the characteristics of OTN and WDM to assist finance, government, energy, education, large enterprises, and other industries to share WDM network resources for unified transmission.
At the same time, the adaptation scope of ITU-T G.709 OTN standard is creatively extended to 2M~10G full-service, and the unified return of full-service meets the needs of “full-service operation and simplification of network structure”.

Key characteristics
An optical transport platform that supports rich application scenarios and flexible service expansion.

Any business expansion
40-ch DWDM system supports arbitrary channel expansion.

Any application scenario
Rich types of multi-service access, E1ax E3ax T3max FEUniGERA STMMAXA 10GE can support multiple service scenarios such as end-to-end access, data center interconnection, long-distance transmission, and so on.

Small size, flexible installation
1U and 2U high boxes are suitable for cabinets, walls, grab poles, and other installation methods, support AC and DC power supplies, and provide 1x 1 redundancy protection.