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Huawei OptiX OSN 1500B

Huawei OptiX OSN 1500B

OptiX OSN 1500B Optix OSN 1500B intelligent optical transmission system inherits all the characteristics of MSTP technology, is compatible with traditional SDH and MSTP networks, and integrates SDH, PDH, Ethernet, WDM, ATM, ESCON, FC/FICON, DVB-ASI (Digital Video Broadcast-Asynchronous Serial Interface), RPR and other technologies. (MSTP), a new generation integrated 2.5G/622M multi-service optical transmission platform, is mainly used in the access layer of the metropolitan area network. It provides a perfect solution for the transition from existing SDH equipment to intelligent optical network equipment. It is mainly used in the access network of the expressway communication system.

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Product characteristics

Cost-effective platform: it can be fully compatible with OptiX OSN7500/3500/2500 business components and software to form a unified platform, greatly reducing the cost of maintenance and spare parts. In terms of business capabilities, it can be efficiently combined to give operators the most cost-effective solution; at the same time, it can be mixed with Huawei’s existing equipment and can be integrated into Huawei optical network management solution for unified management.

Multi-service provision: service interface supports STM-1 (Opid E); supports STM-4/16 standard or cascading services; supports E1AccordT1andE3Universe E4; supports transparent transmission and exchange of FE and GE services; supports ATM services; supports SAN services and video services and provides fast end-to-end services based on GMPLS.

Built-in wavelength division technology, flexible networking: OSN1500B equipment supports built-in WDM technology, realizes the transmission of multiple wavelengths in a single optical fiber, and can realize the flexible networking scheme of docking with wavelength division equipment.

Highly integrated sub-frame: the size of the sub-frame is 221mm (high) × 444mm (wide) × 263mm (deep). The single sub-frame has 9 business positions and 4 interface positions.

Physical characteristics: the power supply can be connected to-48V DC, AC 220V access can be realized through external UPM, wall-mounted installation, and installation in ETSI 300mm deep cabinet, ETSI 600mm deep cabinet, 19-inch cabinet; size 221mm (high) × 444mm (wide) × 262mm (deep); weight 16kg; typical power consumption 160W.

Common configuration

The SSQB9RACK03 N66T assembly cabinet (2200x600x600mm) (19 inches) can usually meet the needs of most users, and the specific model and size need to be adjusted according to the requirements of the actual computer room environment.