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Huawei OptiX Metro1000 155/622H

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Metro1000 products are a new generation of STM-1/STM-4-compatible multi-service transmission equipment, which provides STM-1/STM-4 optical synchronous transmission function, and the line rate can be upgraded from STM-1 to STM-4 online. OptiX 155swap 622H products provide rich business interfaces and strong crossover capabilities.
Product characteristics
Small size, low power consumption
The box size is 436mm × 293mm × 86mm (W × D × H), height is 2U). Under typical configuration, the power consumption is less than 50W, and it can be directly connected to-48V, + 24V, ~ 110V/220V power supply
Rich business interfaces
SDH service interface
PDH service interface
Data service interface
Voice service interface
Dedicated line service interface
SHDSL interface
Complete optical interface series
Various specifications of STM-1 optical interface
Various specifications of STM-4 optical interface
Rich auxiliary interfaces
Make use of its powerful overhead processing ability to provide users with several data interfaces
Two-wire analog telephone interface to provide business contact between regenerative / multiplexing segments
User-customizable transparent data interface
Switch input and output interface
10m Ethernet network management interface
RS-232 power monitoring interface

Flexible configuration
The configuration of Metro1000 is quite flexible. Each network element can be configured not only as a single STM-1/4 TM or ADM system, but also as a multi-ADM system with a combination of STM-1 and STM-4 interfaces, and can realize cross-connection between multiple systems; when accessing data services, the transmission bandwidth and Ethernet ports can be flexibly configured according to the bandwidth needs of users, and can also meet the needs of users for increased bandwidth without adding ports and veneer.

Flexible networking
OptiX Metro1000 can provide a variety of networking methods and support a variety of network topologies, including point-to-point, chain, ring, ring chain, intersection ring, tangent ring, mesh shape and so on.

Perfect protection
OptiX Metro1000 supports a variety of network-level protection methods, including MSP protection, SNCP protection, PP protection and shared optical fiber virtual path protection, clock protection, power unit 1-to-1 protection, and other device-level protection.
Flexible DCC transmission mode.
It can transmit the DCC information of our equipment through the external clock port; it supports DCC to transmit the network management information of other companies’ transmission equipment; it can also connect the network management interface to the Ethernet interface board to transmit the network management information.

Fully functional network management system
OptiX Metro1000 and OptiX series products use a unified network management platform for centralized operation, maintenance and management of (OAM), circuit configuration and scheduling to ensure the safe operation of the network.

Excellent SSM management function
OptiX Metro1000 network element clock has perfect SSM management function. The external synchronization port can directly receive the synchronization information of the external timing equipment, and the output port also has an SSM, and can flexibly set the bit of the SSM in the external 2048kbit/s signal, and the SSM information of the external input 2MHz signal can be manually set, which is easy to connect with the equipment of other manufacturers. In addition, the SSM threshold of each network element can be set to facilitate the management of the synchronization network.

Excellent clock synchronization performance
The Metro1000 transmission equipment uses advanced high-precision crystals as the internal oscillation source and uses a special clock processing chip to ensure that its technical specifications fully meet the requirements of ITU-T G.813 recommendation. The timing system can work in tracking mode, holding mode and free oscillation mode. The timing system can provide SSM function. When working in tracking mode, one of the lines, branches, and external clock synchronization sources can be selected as the reference clock source; through the clock selection function of various priority levels, the reliable operation of the network timing system can be ensured.

Physical properties
OptiX Metro 1000
Power access to 220V AC/-48V DC/+24V DC.
Support battery management
Installation mode wall mount and ETS 300mm deep cabinet, ETS
Installation in 600mm deep cabinet, 19-inch cabinet
Dimension 436mm × 293mm × 86mm (W × D × H)
Weight < 8.1kg
Power consumption < 100W