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Huawei OptiX Metro 6100

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OptiX Metro 6100 wavelength division multiservice transmission system (OptiX Metro 6100 for short) is mainly used in the metropolitan backbone networks, local networks, broadband data networks, and storage area networks. It uses dense wavelength division multiplexing technology DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) and sparse wavelength division multiplexing technology CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) to achieve broadband, large capacity, and fully transparent transmission functions.
OptiX Metro 6100 supports a variety of networking modes, including point-to-point, chain, ring, etc., and can also be networked with access layer equipment OptiX Metro 6040 cassette WDM system (OptiX Metro 6040) to achieve a complete metropolitan area wavelength division solution. Each node of the OptiX Metro 6100 system can carry out wavelength scheduling, which has the characteristics of easy capacity expansion, flexible service access, high bandwidth utilization, and high reliability.
OptiX Metro 6100 system can reuse up to 40 service channels in a single optical fiber, that is, it can transmit 40 carrier signals of different wavelengths at the same time, and the general access rate of each signal is 10Gbit/s or less. The OptiX Metro 6100 system can achieve the total bidirectional transmission capacity of a pair of optical fiber 400Gbit/s.
OptiX Metro 6100 adopts dual-fiber bi-directional mode to realize bi-directional transmission of dense wavelength division multiplexing and applies reliable optical multiplexing / demultiplexing technology, erbium-doped fiber (EDFA) optical amplification technology, Raman (Raman) optical amplification technology, SuperWDM technology, channel equalization technology, dispersion compensation technology, unified network management technology, etc., so that OptiX Metro 6100 has stable performance, flexible networking, and can form a chain, ring, and other network structures.