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FiberHome FonsWeaver ASON780A

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Single-stage implementation of 720G/320G multicast strict non-blocking crossover, strong cross-matrix capacity upgrade capability, 20G/40G × N low-order service scheduling capability (up to 160g low-order crossover), on-demand configuration of cross-capacity, flexible scheduling of low-order services to provide 48 service slots. Supports up to 8 STM-256 optical interfaces, or 72 STM-64 optical interfaces, or 192 STM-16 optical interfaces, or 384 STM-4/ STM-1 optical interfaces, or any combination of all kinds of optical interfaces to provide FE/GE full-rate Ethernet interfaces, and supports Ethernet layer 2 switching, virtual cascading, LCAS, VLAN, QinQ, embedded RPR, embedded MPLS, and other fully functional protection mechanisms. Support channel protection, multiplex segment protection, subnet connection, and other protection methods, support prefabricated recovery, shared recovery, dynamic recovery, and other recovery methods, support a variety of customizable protection and recovery network survival strategies, adopt distributed intelligent mode, support adaptive traffic engineering, provide dynamic allocation of network bandwidth according to business requirements, realize low-cost automatic configuration of end-to-end services, and support PTN backward compatibility. With 10GE, GE, FE, E1, and other multi-service interfaces, a PTN network with a 10GE or GE line rate can be set up according to different requirements. Perfect OTNPlanner network planning software system business single disk is completely universal with FonsWeaver780B.