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FiberHome CITRANS 550F

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Optical transmission equipment has large crossover capability and rich branch interfaces, providing SDH interfaces such as STM-1, STM-4, STM-16, etc. The high-order crossover capability is 128x128VC4, and the low-order crossover capability is 4032 × 4032VC12 single system to support four STM-16 optical directions. At the same time, it can provide strong data service support for upper and lower 504 × 2M+8 × 155m services, provide FE, GE interfaces, support transparent transmission/layer 2 switching,
Virtual cascade, LCAS, VLAN, QinQ, and other functions, support ATM/IMA service processing Citrans 550F optical synchronous digital transmission equipment is a multi-service integrated transmission (MSTP) platform based on SDH.
Its group rate is 2488Mb, and the equipment adopts the design idea of multi-service integrated transmission, which can provide an STM-16-level multi-ADM optical transmission system. It has the ability of multi-service integrated transmission, large-capacity cross-connection matrix, and multi-system configuration, and can easily realize the service scheduling and bandwidth management of the transmission network. It is suitable for all levels of networks.

The full range of STM-16 optical interfaces provides a full range of STM-16 optical interfaces based on G.652/G.655 optical fibers, including Imur16, SME 16.1, S16.2, L16.2, L16.2 (JE) optical interfaces, and Vmur16.2 and U16.2 optical interfaces through EDFA, which can meet the requirements of various transmission distances.
A variety of ultra-long-distance transmission scheme equipment can expand the transmission distance to the 190km through the built-in optical magnifier, which includes a power magnifier and a preamplifier.

Rich auxiliary interfaces
Citrans 550F makes use of its powerful overhead processing capability to provide several data interfaces for users: Z overhead access disk can provide 4 bi-directional 64K co-directional data interfaces and 4 RS232 interfaces.
Z audio interface panel can provide a 16-way 2-wire audio interface or 8-way 4-wire audio interface or 12-way 2-wire audio + 4-way RS232/RS485 data interface.

Through the newly developed data/audio interface module of FiberHome, the data channel can be expanded with 2m, and each module can provide 8 64K/RS232 data channels or 8 2-wire or 4-wire audio channels.

Strong communication ability of network management.
Citrans550F has a variety of network management interfaces that comply with ITU-T recommendations.
ZF interface: connect to the workstation, IEEE802.
Q3 interface: connect with TMN.
F interface: connect with PC, RS232.
Software debugging interface: RS232.