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Backbone OTN ZTE ZXWM M920

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The huge growth of data flow brings in great bandwidth pressure to the transmission networks, so the operators become more urgent to build large-capacity transport networks. Also, due to the technical development trend, after point-to-point WDM and OTN, the mainstream operators in the world raised more requirements for WDM technology. So the long-distance backbone OTN device should be capable of beyond 100G transport and the integration of the OTN, control plane, optical layer wavelength-class cross-connection, and L2 switching technologies.
As a large-capacity and ultra-long distance intelligent backbone OTN device, the ZXWM M920 uses the advanced transport and integrated technologies to give support to IP transport and OTN standard. With the support of uploading the GMPLS/WASON control plane, it is now extensively used in global backbone projects, local switching fabric and all sorts of private networks.

Ultra-large transport capacity
The ZXWM M920 supports ultra-large transport capacity, and it can satisfy the operator’s growing bandwidth demands.

Flexible integrated service access capability
The client supports 100M-100G any service access: the access of STM-N, FE/GE/10GE/ 40GE/100GE, OTU1/2/3/ 4, DVB, ESCON, and FC services. The universal service access board enables hybrid transmission of the operator’s multiple services.
Electrical and optical hybrid switching and intelligent scheduling
The optical layer supports 2-20-dimensional ROADM. Automatic end-to-end wavelength configuration is supported.
The electrical layer supports the electrical cross-connection of multi-granularity services including ODU0/1/2/ 2e/3/4/ flex to achieve automatic E2E configuration of ODUk.

Support WASON intelligent control plane
Support WASON control plane based upon GMPLS protocol. It can support the intelligent control of the network resource and network topology. It shortens the service deployment times, provides multiple recovery paths for the key services, improves the service survivability, and enhances the network resource availability.

Carrier-class reliability protection
Based upon rich experiences in engineering and R&D in the optical network field for so many years, it supports multiple protection modes, e.g. fiber-class protection, wavelength-class protection, and L2 protection
Fiber class: 1 +1 line protection and 1 +1 optical multiplexing segment protection.
Optical channel class: 1 +1 optical channel protection.
L2 layer: ESR protection.

Complete support to time synchronization
Support in-band/out-band transport 1588V2 and synchronous Ethernet.